Service Support
DediBot Intelligent provides you with 3D Printer Instructions, Software Download, Online Warranty, Malfunction Diagnosis and other after-sales support, and comprehensively ensures your purchasing and using experience. DediBot guarantees that you will get information about product, service, warranty and technology in the first time.
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After-sales Service
"Premium Products, Attentive Service" as the core philosophy, Openness as the principle to promise you.
  • Guaranteed Quality
    ISO9000 Certification
    Malfunction Diagnosis
    Free malfunction diagnosis for products
  • Consulting Service
    Responsive to all kinds of customers’ problems through official hotline
    Software upgrade
    Regularly update and upgrade product software
  • After-sales Training
    Supporting materials and software, face-to-face or remote technical instruction
    Product Maintenance
    Free Maintenance and Spare Parts during the warranty period
Online Warranty
Free maintenance under warranty / out of warranty maintenance fee will be quoted by the after-sales service staff.
Online Warranty
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